we fell in love by Shibainu’s and
we can’t imagine a life without Shibainu.
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About Us
The name of our kennel it is "TSUKIKAGESOU" (with ÖKV/FCI and Nippo).

breeding license   Nippo member name   Nippo Japan
We live with dogs since 1985/89.
We having our first Shiba in year 1999.
Our kennel have it is specialized with the Shibainu , we produce the first
Young Italian Champion and Italian Champion in the Year 2004 with Alquantarah L'Ombra Della Luna

We participated in numerous FCI shows and some held by NIPPO and we have confirmed ever our excellent quality breeding

In 2011 our breeding Tsukikagesou has been registered with Japanese Nihonken Hozonkai (NIPPO), the oldest, biggest and most important organization established for the protection and preservation of the domestic Japanese breeds.  
Our kennel and our Shibas were given many title, and we have many Champions! And today we have in ours palmares more 60 Championships

Our dogs have great abilities of not only winning and having good placementes in the shows but also to be good partners as pets.

We live in Austria since 2012.

Our Breeding is born in Italy with the breed Akita (in the year 1992 by Lisa with the kennel name L´Ombra della luna) and Siberian Husky (by Giovanni) , and and there it grows for several years...and here still keep on top.
Even with these breeds we have "created" champions in the passt!

We have a long experience with many dogs, we worked in grooming shops, in veterinary clinics and we had a small boarding house for animals for 10 years in Italy....
...we were born and raised with a love for all animals and dogs

Our Love for the Shibas born already a more long time , we didn't get they just like many, because the Shibas became fashionable in this time!

Our Shibas live with us, to home, in some little times need separate places (heat time, food, Stud dogs nervous time exc.) for that we also have enclosures rooms inside our house into a space for them to relax.
We have 3000 m2 of land, but we often and willingly take our dogs for a walk in Natur and City, because we tink movement outside to home is important for healthy and balanced growth for the body and the ment.

Home Tsukikagesou Shiba inu Garden internal box

Saphira in box   Chiyo, Etsi e Kaori to home    Kaori & Etsi to sleep in bed

We sell our dogs only to good homes and responsible owners who can provide them all love and care they need. Our males are available for stud only to approved bitches. We keep in touch with our customers and follow the events in the lives of our "Shibas".

Please note that we do have offten  waiting list for our puppies and we will also hope to understand more about you and your family, to advise and discuss if the Japanese Shiba Inu is suitable breed for you...

Feel free to contact us if you want to learn more about Japanese Shiba Inus!

they talk about us:
Italian dog magazine "Cani" October 2010
Italian dog magazine "il mio cane" 2015
Italian dog magazine "il mio cane" March 2019
Shiba photographic book 2023 from page 47 to page 66
Copies available on request, write us

Lisa e Tsukikagesou Kimiko in Show dog

Birthday 10 years old of Miyuchiyo

Created by Lisa-Tsukikagesou
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