we fell in love by Shibainu’s and
we can’t imagine a life without Shibainu.
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Please this is an inquiry form only.
Filling in this Form does not place you on a waiting list.
can you write also in Italian or German
( the data sent remains private )

Tsukikagesou Shiba
Weichselbaum - Austria

Giovanni +43 (0) 6642282229  (only German or Italian)

Whatsapp contact
(only written messages please)
Lisa +43 68120743772

Sorry but for the first appointment (without an alredy previous reservation)
we feel compelled to ask our interested parties for a small deposit for the meeting.
Unfortunately, lately people coming visiting the Breeders, often just for fun, and often makes appointments and don't comes without informing us.
In this way, you can get to know our Shibas and the breed without any obligation!
If after is all ok for all...and you wuold reserve a puppy by us, the deposit will of course remain within the scope of the deposit for the reservation of the puppy....
We give more detail after first contact.
Created by Lisa-Tsukikagesou
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