we fell in love by Shibainu’s and
we can’t imagine a life without Shibainu.
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typical Shiba inu
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Welcome to Tsukikagesou web site
Trust experience!

We are Shiba Inu breeders based in Austria,
we live in a home with big garden with our Shibas.
We have been studying and breeding Shiba for 30 years.
To be a breeder with "vocation" have to be breeding for years,
it's not enough to buy dogs, in this case Shibas, and make puppies!
Years of experience are needed!....
The breeder always has to learn, over time the bloodlines change, and you always have to get back into the game...
Only the love and passion, that binds us to the dog race , can push us to last over time
We have been fascinated by the essential charm of Shiba Inus and have spent much of our lives walking with them.
Now, I can’t imagine a life without Shiba Inus



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Shiba boy black & tan
Created by Lisa-Tsukikagesou
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