we fell in love by Shibainu’s and
we can’t imagine a life without Shibainu.
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Fudzisan Genta Yoshiyama
red (ay/aw) born 13.11.2020
Pedigree and Nippo Reg.
Our sweet boy, call name Ciccio, is a lovely boy,
him has wolf character, need time for become friend with strangers,
but if you win his trust you can become one of his best friends, however this is reserved for a select few!
When you get to know him you may think he's a fearful dog,
but that's not the case...
he's not afraid of anything, he just wants you to give him his space and not try to touch him unnecessarily!
do you perhaps want to be touched by someone you don't know?

Created by Lisa-Tsukikagesou
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