we fell in love by Shibainu’s and
we can’t imagine a life without Shibainu.
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Multi Champion Yama No Senshi Asa Madoka
red- born 10.05.2015
is a nice boy, with big and active temperament.
To home is not friendly with others boys, but if walking in others place is also calm and is together with other males serenely!
Ultimately at home, we must not forget that he is a great stud dog!
CIB (Champion International Beauty)
Slovenian Champion
Austrian Champion
Austrian Show Winner - Top Dog 2017 (3 place)  & 2018 (1 place)
Grand Austrian Champion
Hungarian Champion
Austrian Bundessieger
WORLD DOG SHOW 03.10.2021 - Champions males Class 4 exc.

Created by Lisa-Tsukikagesou
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