we fell in love by Shibainu’s and
we can’t imagine a life without Shibainu.
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our life...in our hearts there are many small drawers, not closed, they are always open, close to us...our 4-legged friends were not just Shibas, we had many friends...also many dogs rescued from the street ... other friends who happened by chance... we always remember them all...
Blow out - call name BIBI
Date of Birth: 17.07.1999 - Date of death: 24.11.2013
our first Shiba with her all started <3
I saw his grandmother in 1995 at an international show,
the grandmother was a black and tan... I fell in love with the breed...
A few years later, by a lucky coincidence, a granddaughter of that first Shiba I met came to me.
Bibi was nice and a little crazy, in the good sense...
and she made everyone who knew her love her for her calmness

Multi Champion Cheyenne L'Ombra della luna
Date of Birth: 17.12.2002 - Date of dead 12.04.2022
19 years&4 months with us
Bibi's daughter... no words would be enough to describe her... she was simply unique for us
Italian Champion - Austrian Champion -
International Champion
Austrian Veteran Champion - Slovac Veteran Champion -
Italian Champion Chocolate L'Ombra della luna
Date of Birth: 24.08.2005 - Date of death: 14.07.2020
Choco, our first black and tan Shiba,
was very active and sweet, even though she loved to cause "mischief".
She has had many successes on Show and was Italian Champion.
She obtained the certificate for selected breed ENCI
Cheyenne's daughter
Multi Champion Charming L'Ombra della luna
Date of Birth: 24.08.2005 - Date of death: 21.12.2020
he was defined as one of the most beautiful sesame red Shiba subjects seen in Italy,
at a Nippo Show by a Japanese specialist judge
he said "such a beautiful color is rare to see even in Japan!"
We were honored and proud!
Cheyenne's son
Date of Birth: 04.08.2007 - Date of death: 11.11.2022
Shini, was so beauty and so sweet...our big love...
we have no words to describe our love for her,
and her love for us

Multi Ch. Copperdot's Cynder
Date of Birth: 29.07.2006 - Date of death: 26.06.2020
she was crazy lovely and very beautiful and a Shiba very typical
Became from the USA already 3 years old,
she's the Mom of our Great boy Multi Champion Miyuchiyo L'Ombra della luna

Date of Birth: 04.08.2007
Sumi is now 17 years and 10 months old
she's was a perfect Mother, is still very patient with the puppies...
even though he lost the sight in one eye due to injuries suffered in a fight with a hedgehog
Multi Ch. Fukushima L'Ombra della luna
Date of Birth: 12.02.2011
Fuku is a doughert of Sumi,
one of the girl of a litter of five puppies, they are all beautiful and healthy to this day...
Like her mother, she too was a super mother, a very beautiful and elegant female,
she always stood out in the ring Show dog
Mebae L'Ombra della luna (Beba)
Date of Birth: 31.08.2014
Beba is a fantastic girl,
she was a wonderful mother...and is now a great babysitter!
she doesn't love all people, she chooses who she likes and who she wants to be caressed by...

Multi Ch. Tsukikagesou Saphira L'Ombra della luna
Date of Birth: 27.05.2015
Saphi is a Fukushima dougherty's.
Is a nice and funny girl, good Mother, and very sweet
Rika L'Ombra della luna
Date of Birth: 01.05.2013
Rika is born in Messina to our girl Chocolate and Inishie No kaze Bangaichisou ,
Inuk is a male imported to us from Japan who currently lives in Rome, Italy.
We were the first to import Bangaichisou line into Europe

Ch. Etsuko go MatagiinuPl
Date of Birth: 02.02.2014
She's love at first sight!...
she was for sale and I couldn't resist, she came to us at 15 months old.
She is sweet and affectionate even if she is sometimes a little "quarrelsome" with other Shibas
Ch. Uko No Tsukikagesou Go Ino Daikakusou
Date of Birth: 16.03.2017
Zorro is born on a breeding Shiba in Italy, from two parents Japan import...
he is retired from breeding even if he currently still lives with us,
finding a good family would be ideal for him

Tsukikagesou Kaori
Date of Birth: 29.12.2017
Unfortunately, even though everything was in order for Kaori to become a mom, she didn't want to this.
She lives with us but she never wanted to give us puppies,
Kaori is a lovely and funny girl!

La Grande bellezza L'Ombra della luna - Luna
Date of Birth: 16.07.2016
Luna is Cynder's last daughter,
she was a very good mother and is very sweet,
unfortunately due to a sudden problem she was spayed at just 6 years old,
but she is an excellent puppies sitter!

some others our "friends" forever in Heart
Created by Lisa-Tsukikagesou
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